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Quimper Brittany France: Quimper Faience Technique

At Henriot Quimper, all Quimper pottery is entirely hand made, from the moulds creation to the decoration. Here no imported bisques, no decalcomanias, no calligraphy transfers, the pieces stem from a 100% manual manufacture in the workshops of Henriot Quimper.

At HB Henriot, all Quimper pottery is entirely hand made, from the moulds creation to the decoration.

The moulds creation is the first step of a HB Henriot piece of faience's genesis. The moulds will be used to make shapes' models. The shapes are made in accordance with three processes: the turning for round shapes (bowls and plates); the pressing for oval, square, rectangular shapes; the casting for hollow shapes. After finishing, the process which consists in polishing the piece, and when necessary garnishing of handles, we make the first firing of the bisque at 1904 degrees F during nine hours.

The second process occurs after the first firing: the glazing and the decoration, always by free hand. It is the famous brush stroke which the Manufacturer Henriot made it. Then the second firing: the firing of the glazed and decorated piece at 1724 degrees F for seven hours to obtain the Henriot faience, The pieces are checked, one by one, before being ready for selling.

Courtesy of Henriot Quimper


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Quimper, Brittany France: The Town    History of Quimper France    Henriot Faiencerie    Quimper Faience Technique    Henriot Pottery Marks   

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